Summer Apartment – 3.999:- SEK / month (400€)

Standard Apartment
• 14 m²
• Kitchenette
• Private bathroom
• Up to 3 Beds
• Shared WM & Dryer
• Newly renovated

2-room deluxe Apartment with extra bedroom. + 1.999:- SEK / month*
• 30 m²

Remark: As each of the apartment is fittet with a new kitchenette, we’ll provide fotos in this regard as soon as possible. Our apartments will be available from the 15th april 2021 on.

Amidst a breathtaking wildlife reserve we offer the opportunity for a free and unrestricted residence.

In former times a farm and mansion, Möckelsnäs Herrgård was up to now a luxury holiday residence and a smart restaurant.
Over the last decade, independent places to rest and retract from a world getting weird, became more and more demanded.

We are now offering “standard” appartements to the “avererage” people. Equipped with everything needed. Free for 365 days a year. Reasonably priced.

Welcome to Möckelsnäs, your way to live freely!

SEK 3.999:- (400€) per month
SEK 2.999:- (300€) per 2 weeks
SEK 1.999:- (200€) per week

* + 1.499:- per 2 weeks, + 999:- per 1 week

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